What Then?
© Sharon Middlebrook
Posted here with author's permission.
A Christian Grief Ministry
When grief is healed and forms a scar
I can reflect on the past, and will cry no more.
When a lost loved one can be remembered often
With smiles, not tears,
What then?

When my heart can remember...but not dwell
And dreams of a future cannot be quelled.
When my heart once more beats
And a woman's passion heats...
What then?

As in all matters, I turn to prayer
And feel God's tender loving care.
"Dear child" as He takes my hand
"Do not doubt I have a plan.
Your love finished his race
With you, that is not the case.
Your life is not over and so carry on.
Trust Me, and I will choose someone.
I will select a Godly man
Who, for you, will fulfill My Plan."

So, what could I say, when I heard His Plan?
"I trust You Lord, and will await this man.
A man, not of my choosing, but Thine,
A Godly man, a blessed find."
I bow my head, and fall to my knees
Trusting Him, I give up my pleas.
On my knees, I give up my strife,
Trusting the One who gave me life.
My heart at peace, I’ll await His plan
And never again, cry “what then?”

~March 27, 2013
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