From our guest author, Sean O'Brien:

On September 11, 2001, my family experienced a double tragedy. As we sat in horror
and watched the Twin Towers burn, we were forced into the realization that my
brother, Timothy M. O'Brien and my sister's husband, Stephen E. Tighe, would be
lost forever. They both worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of Tower One.

This horrific act of terror has left people across our nation and even throughout the
world asking questions that will never be answered in our lifetime. It has left them
doubting their faith. Where there was once a person of strong beliefs and sound
mind, we now see a person lost and confused, searching for answers, searching for

The poem I have written, "From Darkness Into Light" carries a message of peace,
comfort and faith. It captures God speaking to those in the Trade Center, at the
pentagon, and on the airplanes in those last few minutes they spent on this Earth.
God speaks to them not from a distance, rather, He is speaking to them as He holds
their hands, bestowing His peace upon them.

We read in Psalm 23: "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear
no evil, for You are with me." In their last few minutes of life, these heroes of
September 11th feared no evil because they had God right at their side, bringing
them peace, and welcoming them to eternal life with Him.

This poem is a direct inspiration from Tim and Steve, who were with me in spirit when
I wrote these words. I hope this message brings peace and comfort to all those who
read it.
Copyright 2001-2002,  Sean O'Brien
From Darkness Into Light
Take my hand and I'll lead you home
I'm right here beside you, you're not alone
Now darkness surrounds you, as the smoke billows up
But soon you'll see clearly, and drink from my cup
So be not afraid, this promise I've made before
That I'm the way, the truth, and the life
You'll need nothing more
Right now the world is watching you, in shock and disbelief
Their hearts are filled with fear, with pain, anger and grief
But I will bear their burden and lighten their load
Though the journey for peace, will be a long winding road
And for your family whom you love, your concern is so high
How will they handle this, how will they get by?
The answer to this question, lies within me
It will take time, but I'll set their hearts free
I'll send all the angels to be by their side
To watch over them, protect them, and act as their guide
So struggle no more, with concerns of this life
For where you are going, there's no worry or strife
It's time to come home now, your last breath you have taken
As you lay down in peace, your soul I will awaken
It's then you'll bear witness, to a truly amazing sight
It's then you'll know I've taken you,
From darkness into light
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