Take a stick and hit me
on the head and on my back.
Then just for extra measure
assail me one more whack.

I am not masochistic
asking for abuse this way.
I'm just sick and tired of hurting
from the grief I feel today.

My heart is aching wildly
from grief down in my core
and nothing you can dish out
could hurt me any more.

I'd slam my thumb in a drawer
but it wouldn't help for long
so whack me if you please
even though it may seem wrong.

Physical pain seems easier
to bear than pain down deep,
and maybe if you hurt me
I'll finally get some sleep.

Make me forget my sorrow
with blows across my head,
and maybe then I'll sleep
instead of tossing in my bed.

When grief first came upon me
I was numb and quite in shock.
But, now the pain is so acute,
I seek any means the pain to block.

No, I can see this will not work.
It won't make my grief easier to bear.
I can tell right now it's going to take
getting on my knees in prayer.

Dear Jesus, reach down swiftly
and ease this torment and pain.
Give this lonesome beast
some reason to live again.

Pour out your loving kindness,
your peace and comfort, too.
Give me strength to bear this burden
as you hold me so close to You.

He's faithful, as He's promised.
The pain in my heart fades away.
Oh, thank you, precious Jesus,
for healing me as I pray.

My loss is still quite prominent
for nothing can fill that empty space.
But it becomes more tolerable when
I keep my eyes on Jesus' face.
©  Ferna Lary Mills
A Pain Killer
Note: Violence in any form is not condoned by this author or this website. If you will read
this poem in it's entirety, you will understand there is but one true remedy for the pain of
grief. ~ Ferna
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