Copyright 2002, Karen Power

In Memory of Bob
Oct. 26, 1937 - April 12, 1999
Those Memories of You
I used to sit out on our swing
waiting on you to return from work
looking for you expectantly
knowing that you would soon
come home to me.

Now as I sit outside I know
you will never be coming
down the road. For now
you walk on those streets of gold.
I sit here remembering those
days gone by, thinking of you
always makes me smile.

And even with the sure knowledge
of where you are, I ache to be
with you once more. Life is
so different without you here,
and even though your pain
is gone, my pain goes on and on.
The pain of missing you some more.

The pain has dulled some now but
it's still there ... it's more like
a longing now for what was.
When all along I know, you're gone
from this life with me.
But here I am, without you,
my husband, my lover, my companion.
I will always love you, and as long
as I live here on this earth, I know
that missing you will never pass,
until I am with you there
in heaven at last, worshiping
the Lord together forever.

The only hope I have, alas,
is the hope of joining you
on that glad day when we
are reunited on heaven's shore,
walking together among roses
without thorns, and on that street
of gold, a gold so pure it is clear
as glass.

But right now here I sit, outside,
watching the little wild creatures
play and hearing the little birds sing,
sitting on my swing, watching the road
you once came down, as you were coming
home. Oh the thoughts of you
fill my mind, this land, this house,
this swing, hold memories of our time.

Those memories of your life here.
My Memories, is all I have to hold,
missing you, always, but smiling
through my tears. I am so thankful
that I shared your life. And
thankful for all of the memories
that I have of you, that I hold so dear.

Good bye my sweet, and know that I
will always miss you, but my memories
will never die. I hold them oh, so
close, for they are treasures, of our
love and our life. I will hold on to
Those Memories Of You, until I die.
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