Did you ever watch a small child ask his father for something that child REALLY
wanted?  They ask with a "Can I? Can I? Can I? Please?" and they are so impatient!

Did you ever watch their expression when the "Yes" they were so eagerly anticipating
suddenly turned into a "No"?  Teary eyes ask, "Why?"

It's the same when we go to our Heavenly Father and ask for something we really
want.  He always answers our prayers, but sometimes it's a "Yes", and sometimes it's
a "No".  The answer we're never really prepared for is when he says, "Wait."  We find
ourselves crying out, "WHY?"

You ask me how I know God answers prayer?  I know because He has answered my

I asked God to cure my mother when she was ill. His answer was "No".  But He did
answer. I don't begin to understand why His answer was a "no" any more than a little
child asking his earthly father for something and gets a negative answer.  But I do
know that I am the child, and He is the Father.  He has all the answers, and He alone
knows His purpose.

When I realized she was not going to get well, I changed my prayer to the Father.  I
asked Him to give her mercy that she would not suffer.  He answered with a "Yes".  I
tried to explain this to my brother as we stood by her bedside.

At first he didn't understand.  He said, "Where is your God that answers your
prayers."  I told him I had prayed for mercy.  He said, "So where is that mercy?"

That's when I told him to listen.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  As we listened, we
could hear the crying down the hallways of the Hospice Center from others going
through the dying process.  I asked my brother, "Now, what do you hear here in
Mother's room?"

Nothing.  No pain.  No anguish.  No crying out.  Mother rested in peace in her bed,
covered in God's sweet mercy.

After she died, I asked God to give me strength.  He did.  For without His strength I
couldn't have endured my own grief, never the less all of the other tasks involved in
handling her final affairs.

Later, I asked for God's guidance.  I had no clue what to do with the rest of my life
since He had taken my very best friend.  That's when he said, "Wait."  For I learned
that He knew I was in no mental state to try to decide something as serious as my
own future.

He waited until I was stronger.  Until I was able to look at the world outside of myself
with open eyes.  Until I was really listening to what He had to say.  Then he began to
show me the purpose for my still being here on this planet.

So remember that He always answers prayers.  Sometimes it's not the answer we
want.  But it's the BEST answer.  For it comes from the Father, who knows what's
best for his children.  We can't begin to understand the wisdom of the Father, any
more than a child understands that wisdom from his earthly parent.

Hang on tightly to your faith and know that He does care for you.
Answered Prayers
© Ferna Lary Mills
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