My God is great. My God is Good.
My life I give Him as I should,
to walk in life with toil and grief,
thanking God it's very brief.
I have a better life ahead,
for by His hands I am gently led.
I enter into the golden gates
and there my Jesus silently awaits.
I walk up to Him, so beautiful and pure,
and all of my suffering this Man will cure.
I bend my head and I kiss his feet,
for the love that I have, no one could meet.
He picks me up. He holds my hand,
and gives me a welcome to the Promised Land.
I praise His name, far and wide,
for I am now standing by my Jesus' side.
We walk to lands with streets of gold.
Unimaginable beauty my eyes behold.
Many children playing together as one,
looking our way to God's own Son.
No strife, no sorrow, no pain, no fears.
Not even the sign of any more tears.
I turn to my Jesus and I say to Him,
"My life on earth was very dim...
Compared to Heaven it's a Hell of it's own.
Without you I couldn't have made it alone.
You were always there to show me the path.
When I went the other way, I was shown your wrath.
But you pulled me through my unbelief's,
like an island holds on to many reefs."
Jesus turned to me, He smiled and said,
"The love in my heart to you I have fed,
for I am God and God is Me.
Life is eternal. My gift without fee.
All I ask is believing...for God is true.
He sent his Son to die for you!
Arose again, only to say,
'Believe and for you this will happen someday.'"
Then I cried, "My Lord, my Lord,
accepting your gift has a just reward.
To be with you in a place so fair,
without a worry, without a care."
We walked on ... hand in hand
and I saw the beauty of our Promised Land.
There almost in front of me,
a mansion as beautiful as could be.
Jesus turned to me and said,
"My Word has spoken of this you've read.
A mansion my child to you I give,
for here you shall abide and live.
Now go ahead to the pillars of gold,
for loved ones await you, I am told."
As I walk on I can see a lad.
No, it isn't a boy, it's my very dear Dad -
I run and run so hard and so fast,
into his arms wishing this will last and last.
He is so healthy, so strong and mild.
This man is my father and I am his child.
To see him again is truly so great.
The love in my heart couldn't await.
Dad said, "God is so great and God is so true."
I said, "Yes, for he brought me to you!"
Then all of a sudden, a tap on my arm.
There stands my Papa with his wit and his charm.
"My little Pumpkin," he said with a smile,
as I was hugging him all the while.
What a great day, so happy and free -
This is the best day that could ever be!
After a long, long loving talk,
I went for a quiet little walk.
I went alone to think of His love
God gave that I could come here above.
All at once it hits me at first,
like a thunderbolt hits when a raincloud doth burst.
I really left the world below
and I am in Heaven now, all aglow.
My body died and is laid to rest.
Life on earth was ... just a test.
I live again in this dear land,
where God and I walk hand in hand.
As I look down upon the sand,
I see on down to earth's great band.
I can see my loved ones standing there,
by a grave of many flowers it does bare.
Tears of sorrow, tears not merry,
crying, "Oh God, you took my Carrie ..."
"I say unto you, do not cry anymore,
for in a short while you will be on this shore.
I will run up to meet you with Papa and Dad.
We will all be together and never more sad.
We will show you your mansion just over the hill.
Your very own mansion, for God has His will.
This place is Heaven and that's where I am.
God is your shepherd and you are His Lamb.
Now follow and trust in Him till you die,
so we can be together in the sweet by and by."
Eternal Life
by Carrie Ann Rea
March 18, 1952 - December 6, 2001
This piece is submitted by Connie Rea with the following note about this poem,
written by her sister, Carrie Rea:
Carrie wrote Eternal Life in 1970, 3 months after our father went to be with the Lord.
I found her poem 2 nights after Carrie went to be with the Lord. I was so distraught
preparing her obituary and the "Celebration of Carrie's Life", I finally prayed and then
I said, "Carrie what do you want to say to your family and friends now?" The Holy
Spirit led me at once to a box of Carrie's poems and songs that were stored in my
home. I opened it and on top was a folder with "Eternal Life" on the top page. It has
changed my whole life. I had taken for granted the ministry Carrie lived for, to share
the gift of Eternal Life with everyone she met. I had been running from Jesus most of
my life. When Carrie left I had never felt so alone, tormented and ashamed in all my
life. I truly realized the gift of Eternal Life that night. My sister lived to share Jesus
with me and God allowed her to share this gift even after she had gone."
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