You are still remembered
by your nations
around the globe
one month after your hasty departure.

We saw your pictures.
We read your life stories,
many heroic ones.
We feel the pain and anguish.

Most of you died in your prime.
81% are men.
39 is your median age,
even as young as three.

Thousands are widowed in our midst.
Tens of thousands are without a parent.
Millions are hurt.
Billions are shaken.

What changes has your departure brought?
Your departure has united the global village
from sea to shining sea,
from rolling hills to mighty mountains.

You have made us feel uneasy
about our complacent way of life.
You have convinced us
about the brevity of this life.

People in untold numbers seek the comfort
from the Wonderful Counselor.
Worship attendance has soared
promptly since your exodus.

Many asked the age-old question
why such heinous evil deeds against humanity
Even in the name of the Almighty.
We are truly in desperate need of salvation.

What can deliver us from the sting of death?
Could it be B-series bombers?
Could it be special operations?
Could it be the wishful rooting out of terrorists?

Or shall we rephrase the question,
WHO can deliver us from the ultimatum of death?
None other than the One and only One
the Son of the Almighty God.

He was no less heroic than the 300 firefighters.
He entered the sin-smitten planet where sure death prevails.
He gave up his life on the cross
as a ransom for all sinners doomed to die.

He is different from all else.
He rose again on the third day
to become the first fruit of resurrection
to give hope to all who call on His name.

From Him,
Through Him,
are life and peace and love.

Perhaps we can take some comfort
in imagining your last prayer to Him
amid the smoke and fire.
A prayer that escorted you otherworldly.

We will never know this for sure
until the grandest day of reunion,
but one thing is certain.
We will NOT see the infamous 19.

Rest assured your loved ones are loved
only by a bigger family.
A much bigger one this time.
You too will never be forgotten.
by Rumin Zhang
To the Souls that Departed
on September 11, 2001:
Rainbow Faith, words of Inspiration, Faith & Hope for the bereaved.
A Christian Grief Ministry
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