Only Thou Art Just
God, You know our deepest sorrow,
In your care, we place our trust.
All compassion and forgiving,
Surely Lord, Thou art Just!

As our hearts abide in your love,
Receiving Grace anew each day.
Memories of loved ones filling,
All the joys, of yesterday.

Surely Lord, 'tis grand to know Thee,
Blessings abundant-Joy divine!
Hallelujah! What a Saviour!
I am His and He is mine!

No deeper thought can reassure us,
No greater Word than this can be!
God my Saviour - Jubilation!
"No man cometh unto the Father, but by me!"

No gates of Hell to bar our journey,
No sorrow, no tears to wipe away.
All creation, groaneth; travaileth,
For that grand and glorious day!

Trumpeters - All attention!
Sound the ready - Christ is come!
Precious loved one's await our entrance,
To that Glorious, Heavenly, Home.

Gone, oh earth are all your Kingdoms,
Treasures here, all but dust!
King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
Saviour Jesus, we worship thus!

Bowing knees in adoration,
Singing Praises to our God!
Rejoicing, being with our loved one's;
When Heaven's streets of gold we trod.

Eternity - Oh Hallelujah!
Thank you Lord for saving me,
Greater love than this has no man
Jesus died on Calvary!

Sing my soul with psalms and praises,
Resting in that love of God!
Waiting for that coming glad day,
When our feet touch Heaven's Sod.
© 1977, Gary J. Smith
Posted here with author's permission.
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