They say the reason life is so hard is because it doesn't come with an instruction
manual.  How can any of us survive without the instructions?  It leaves us with no
reference when things go wrong.

Life isn't like a computer printer.  When the printer malfunctions, you can click on
the "help" button on your computer and up pops a magical list of trouble-shooting
tips.  Then through trial and error you test each one until you find the problem, and
"poof" the printer starts working again.  Or if all else fails, you can call a computer
expert to help you correct the problem.  In either case, there is help.

It's too bad life isn't like that.  Or, is it?

Things do go wrong.  Usually when we least expect it.  Trouble comes along when
we are the least prepared for it.  But wait!  There is an instruction manual to help
us troubleshoot life.  It's called The Holy Bible.  Yes, you scrunch your face and
say, "Right! Like THAT'S going to be any help to me while my life is turned upside
down."  But it's true.

This instruction manual was written by the only true authority on life, the Creator
himself.  Within it's pages you will find tips and tricks to make it through every
life-problem that comes along.  Now, it's just like the help manual you have for that
printer, though.  It won't do you one iota of good if you don't use it.  It can sit on the
shelf for eons but until you open it and begin to understand life, it's purpose, it's
plan of operation, and how to troubleshoot the pitfalls, it's just a dust catcher and
maybe looks kind of nice sitting on the shelf.

Within this "help" manual are instructions on how to raise children, how to make a
marriage work, how to set priorities and goals, and how to find peace and
happiness along the way.  It's an old book but it's in it's gazillionth printing because
it works.  If it was all poppy-cock, it would have gone out of print years ago.  This
book even offers "help topics" on dealing with your grief and getting past the
despair of losing someone you love.  Even Jesus wept.

There is no promise in this book that says if you follow all the directions you will
live happily ever after and never face another problem.  But there are many
promises in this book.  God's promises.  He doesn't promise a life without trouble.  
But He does promise that we never have to face that trouble alone!  If you can't
find anything in the "manual" to help you through this time of trial, or if you simply
can't understand the directions, you can call the life-support hotline.  It's toll free
and answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. P-R-A-Y-E-R.  He's
always on call to be there for you.  Another promise from God.

I bet that outweighs any tech support agreement you've ever read.

There are directions you can easily follow to be able to get past your grief, and to
assure you that you will see your loved ones again in the after-life.  For not only is
God's love eternal, so are our spirits, and we just need a little preventative
maintenance to be sure our spirits are maintained to make it through Heaven's
The Soul Survivor
©  Ferna Lary Mills
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