Copyright, by Virginia Teague
She's Gone
This ole world looks about the same,
The sun's still shining bright,
The moon and stars ain't fell ... just yet,
They still come out at night,
The birds keep right on singing
And the rooster crows at dawn,
I guess nobody's told them that our baby girl is gone.

The wind still whispers through the trees,
And it still makes the same old sound,
The snow's still white, in the pale moon-light,
And it keeps on fallin' on the ground,
The sky's just as blue as it used to be,
And the waves still lap on the shore,
I guess they haven't heard the news,
That she ain't here, no more.

But if you look up in the stars some night,
And they're not quite as bright as they were,
If the sun looks just a little bit dim,
It'll be because of her,
If the birds aren't singin' like they use to,
And if the wind just seems to moan,
Then you'll know God finally told them
That our baby girl is gone.

And Dear Lord, when you tuck her in every night,
Would you do just one thing for me?
Would you tell her that Nanny's "pretty girl"
Is something that she'll always be,
Oh, I'll cry lots of tears and miss her a lot,
And think of her often ... that's true,
But Dear God, if my "pretty girl" can't be here with me
Then I'm glad she's in Heaven ... with you.
Virginia states in her email that she was inspired to write this poem after the death of her 14 month old
granddaughter, Steffany Elaine Cherry, who was killed October 4, 1990.
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