His Love Lives On
~ In Memory ~
Robert Martin Thomas (Pappy)
May 12th, 1940 ~ September 16, 2005
An angel leaves us on this day   
On golden wings he flew away
To watch over us from up above
And shine down upon us with his love

Although we're sad to see him go
His release from pain sustains us so    
The battle this life waged on him
Was one at last he could not win

He'd fought so hard for all his days
Thinking, Please don't take me, I want to stay
To watch my son's new family grow
They need me here God, don't you know?

On his last night, I watched him sleep
And struggle from his heart so deep
I held his hand to keep it still
And prayed, God, give him peace if that's your will

And somewhere in that night alone
Angels came to take him home
Please come with us, we need you there
They'll be alright, you need not fear

So silently he slipped away
But, at first, he had to say
I must always watch over them
day and night, till we meet again

The angels, they did comfort him
You will be with them both now and then
Your blue, blue, eyes will be their sky
When they look up they'll know you're nearby

The sun will rise and shine on them
And warm their gentle hearts within
A hug from you is what they'll feel
And know that you are with them still

When the moon, its face does show
And bathe them with its gentle glow
That will be your kiss goodnight
They'll know you guard them and all is right

So with that, Dad felt he could go
The peace he'd found, it filled his soul
Now he knew he'd still be here
To shower us with all his care

So we shall never say goodbye
We'll count the teardrops that we cry
We'll feel him with us from dawn to dawn
In each new day his love lives on
© 2005, Tina Thomas
Posted here with author's permission.
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