Come Unto Me
Tell me child, each place thou hurts,
I will kiss and ease thy pain,
You've no idea of thy worth in Mine eyes,
I will gladly heal thee time and again.

Tis for this I came and dwelt on earth,
Among the sick, diseased, and depressed,
I know the things you have the most need of,
But can do nothing unless 'tis verbally expressed.

I stand closely by forever alert,
To thy call in thy time of need,
At the first breath issued forth from thy lips,
I am ready to deliver over My deed.

My deed of life, of hope, and promise,
Your inheritance of which I profess,
Claim it now and receive it too,
Thy rewards are much greater than thee can guess.

I possess the key to thy freedom from all;
Those things that plague thee both day and night,
Whether spoken or not, I already know,
The things thee would keep out of sight.

So come unto Me and tell Me thy woes,
And watch as I begin to reveal,
Thy healing manifested for all to see,
Upon thee I place My Holy Seal.

Forever more, thou art Mine and entitled,
To all that I have and give,
Let Me loose into thy life,
And watch how successfully thee will then live.
Copyright 2003, by Kathi Toups
Posted here with author's permission.
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