Dear Child,

You weren't really born. You were planted.

You believe you were created accidentally by a freak of nature, one part of your father
joining with one part of your mother in a random joining of genetics and nothing more. But
oh, my sweet child, you are so wrong.

Picture this if you will, for parables and stories are the things you seem to understand the
most. Let's suppose you want a flower garden of your own that means something special to
you. Growing a beautiful garden is a challenge for there are so many things that can affect
the beauty or survival of the plants and their ability to produce substantial blooms.

Take just one plant for example. The first thing you must do is plant the seed. It must be
carefully planned so as not to plant too soon in winter, or too late in summer. It must be
carefully planted in a surrounding that is productive to it's growth. Other weeds and grasses
have to be removed and the ground in which it's planted must be fertile ground, not just
rocks and sand.

As the seed begins to grow, peeking its head out of the soil, you take great pride in your new
seedling. It's YOUR creation! But you don't stop there, for if you did it would die. So you
continue to care for your garden with nourishment, water, and much needed attention. As
vines threaten to take over, you prune them away so your plants will continue to grow. When
rains dry up, you add needed water. When cold winds blow, you protect it from the cold. If it
begins to curl downward, you support it to help it grow straight and tall.

Then one day while you are attending this creation of yours, you notice it begins to bloom.
Pride shows on your face. On another day you see that something has been eating away at
the leaves. Do you say it is no longer worth the effort and destroy it? Do you walk away
letting nature take over its destruction of your creation? No, you do what you can to rid the
plant of the vermin and save what's left of your creation. The damaged leaves must be
removed to make the bush stronger, and as you care for it tenderly, it will continue to grow.

Sometimes, a plant doesn't mature. For some reason, it just doesn't seem to get the chance
to grow like the others. It grieves your heart that it didn't reach maturity, but you love it all the
more, for the care you gave to it exceeds the care you gave to the others.

Now, if you multiplied your efforts to a million seeds, you will have your cherished flower
garden and understand the fullness of the love and care involved in its growth.

Look around you and discover that you are in the middle of My great flower garden. I planted
you in fertile ground, nourished you until you appeared in this world as a little seedling. I
didn't forget you there and walk away.  I used every resource at My command to continue to
support you so you will be tall and strong, and to keep the vermin from destroying you. I used
your parents to help keep you watered, nourished and protected, but they are only small
garden tools at My command. For I am the Master Gardener. I have many tools at My

My goal is to have you grow into something beautiful. I don't ignore any plants in My garden.
Every one of them is precious to me. Every one created by Me. Every one as important as
the next. I even pour out my love on the ones who don't seem to have a chance to grow. But
I watch over My garden every moment of every day, giving My undivided attention to each
plant, for I have a purpose for every flower in My garden. This is how important you are to

The moment you were conceived was rejoiced in Heaven with glorious song! Your earthly
parents were anxious that something might go wrong during your birth, as sometimes
happens for reasons only I understand. But every seed is rejoiced in Heaven, whether it
reaches maturity or is plucked away too soon. Even those plucked before their first breath.

So, now that you understand you were planted by Me, loved and nurtured by Me, and a
great source of My pride and joy, you should look to see where I planted you. Without your
knowledge, I had a design for My garden. I planted you where you are in order to make My
garden the most beautiful garden of all!

Maybe I planted you high on a mountain to be closer to Me. Maybe I planted you down in a
valley to be closer to others who need to see your beauty and be reminded of Me. Maybe I
planted you in a crowd so your beauty could stand out above the others. Maybe I planted
you alone for no others could compare to your beauty. You don't know why I planted you
where I did, for you can't comprehend fully my thoughts. But know I planted you where you
are for a reason, and I nurture you daily, and take great pride in you.

The storms of life are sometimes unbearable, I know. But I watch over every flower. Nothing
will ever come your way to destroy what I have created. Winds may blow you down, but I will
lift you up. Tears may flood from your eyes, but I will allow them to water your soul. Things of
this world will threaten to destroy you, but I will protect you and make you strong. Then, one
day you will wither with age, but I will continue to support and care for you just as much as
with as great a love as your first day on this earth. When I determine that your time has
come, I will reach down with great pride and pluck you from this earthly garden, to place you
in that Heavenly vase so you can bloom for all eternity with all of the others I have gathered

So bloom where you were planted. Bloom for Me. For you are truly beautiful! Understand
that I never permit my flowers to die. Even the littles ones who didn't grow to maturity, live
forever in My heavenly vase. This earthly garden where you find yourself now is only the
equivalent of your little greenhouse, where you start your seedlings. Yet, my heavenly vase
is glorious and totally beyond your earthly comprehension! My flowers LIVE and THRIVE in
My heavenly vase, nurtured and loved in this eternal place.

                                              Your Loving Heavenly Father
Heaven's Vase
(A Tender Letter From God)

© Ferna Lary Mills
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