Copyright 2001-2002, by Pearlie Duncan Walker
Posted here with author's permission.
He'll Wipe Away the Teardrops
When sorrow comes upon you and you feel you can't go on,
Remember there's a Savior up yonder, waiting for us to come on home.
He hath prepared the way, through the cross upon Calvary's hill.
He'll wipe away all teardrops, when we heed His blessed will.

He wipes away all teardrops from His children's eyes, with His love.
He is readying our mansions, where we'll live when we're lifted above.
When we sin and ask Him to forgive, then we're like new again.
He wipes away every teardrop from each woman, child, or man.

Can't you feel His love beating inside your heart, most every day?
I can feel His love rushing into my heart, as I, softly, to Him pray.
Someday, He'll carry us under His wing, to the wondrous shore, over there,
And upon our heads, as He takes us home, maybe a halo we'll wear.

We'll see all loved ones who have journeyed on before us, up there.
And, I can think about the love of my Savior and pray in awesome prayer
To a Savior who's waiting for that day when, in glory, there we'll be, above;
In mansions built not with hands, but with the Holiness of His love.

He'll wipe away all teardrops from our eyes; no more pain or sorrow
Will ever be again, as He brings us into Heavens' sweet tomorrow.
Help us to be worthy, Oh, Lord. Help all to accept Thine own Son,
That Satan's work will vanish, as you take us up to the great beyond.

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