Copyright, by Pearlie Duncan Walker
Posted here with author's permission.
The Long Journey's Short
Don't you know
It's a very long journey,
Way beyond the sky?
Who, but Jesus would know
One could go there,
In the twinkling of an eye?

We'll need no planes, no blimps.
But, in a moment under His wing,
We'll be there with our moms,
dads, and grandparents -
all ready to sing.

A lot of my loved ones
Have made the journey,
Oh grave, where is thy victory?
Oh death, where is thy sting,
When in a twinkling of an eye,
In Heaven we'll be -

Rejoicing with Jesus
And all the loved ones from here,
Who've gone on before;
Dancing and singing Psalms
On the streets of gold,
There, on that Holy Shore?

Children, worry not about your parents.
If you can't see them,
They're up there
Just shouting to Glory
And waiting on you,
Maybe hearing your Prayer.

But, they're on a long journey
That has no end,
Just waiting for you.
So, when you think of them,
Just think about one day
When you'll be there, too.

I can't believe death is so terrible.
But, to have a new body,
We have to rid the old.
Then, we'll wait for our children
And grandchildren
To come join the fold.

He said He'd receive us unto Himself
And for us a mansion He made.
I know not of what's it's made.
But, what He builds for us will never fade.
There, none will ever suffer pain;
No sorrow and no need to cry.

So, if we want to be there forever,
A ticket to Jesus we have to buy.
The ticket's cost is marvelous.
It's belief upon His Holy name, you see.
He paid for our ticket, long ago, on an old cross.
So, the fare for us is free.

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