Copyright, by Pearlie Duncan Walker
Posted here with author's permission.
My Footsteps
Lord, as I walk this life here on earth, help me to walk with Thee.
Help me to understand, as you would have me more perfect be.
If I should stumble, take my hand in Thine and guide,
So I may more fully understand and walk closer by Thy side.

Should I fall, Lord, don't let me be discouraged, but truly be,
On this long journey, my footsteps more closely beside Thee.
Though tears that start to fall, over sorrows I can not help,
Watch after me closely, Lord, in each and every step.

Help me teach my loved ones, Lord, about Your loving grace,
About understanding and trying with Thy love,
to keep up with Thy pace.
How troubles to us do befall, oft and then again,
Just like it rains on the just and unjust all the same.

As sometimes, we lose our loved ones, too, to wait over there.
And how we need to overcome, by going to Thee in Prayer.
Tears we shed, as they can not be stopped, hearts full of woe ...
But, Lord, a brighter Heaven see, as along with Thee we go.

Teach us obedience, our hearts really and truly share
With ones in pain or need; to go with them in Prayer.
Make my life a blessing, Lord. Safely bring me through,
As I try to help others by my footsteps following You.

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