Copyright, by Pearlie Duncan Walker
Posted here with author's permission.
As I Watched
As my Mother and Dad, in illness,
Lay there before me;
I knew that, in this world,
They wouldn't be here long to see.

For though they left this life
at different times, different years,
Still, it's so hard to try
to hold back all the tears.

No one could ever take their place.
For, they gave life until me.
Yet, there are friends all around
and even grandchildren yet to be ...

That would be a part of them,
Which was the plan of God, I guess.
But, that doesn't keep me from missing them,
I really do confess.

I saw, in each of their eyes,
As they saw the brilliance there,
Just before they left here.
I was still asking God in Prayer,

"Please take them with You, Lord.
Don't let them be alone.
Bring them on up with Thee.
Let Heaven be their home.

They believed in Thee, Oh Lord,
were faithful in all they could be;
Worked hard and was in pain
And misery all could see."

Though they didn't seem to mind,
Tried so hard to show us cheer.
But, when I think of how I felt when they left,
I knew they were still very near.

I looked all around the ceiling,
To let them know I knew they had to go.
For me it was sure, for though their eyes were closed
In death, they could see, us here below.

Since I saw the wonder in their face
So wonderfully full of grace,
How could not I follow in their footsteps,
Once again, to see their face?

Thank Thee, Oh my Lord, for
Always taking the greatest care
With our souls; bringing us up to Thee
On our knees, in Prayer.

Someday, up yonder, when our souls
Do merge with them and Thee,
May we worship Thee together and
In Thy omniscience, Thy Holiness to see.

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