Copyright, by Pearlie Duncan Walker
Posted here with author's permission.
Dear Mama
Mama, we wanted to write to Jesus
To deliver a message to you,
Of how much you are missed here,
in all the things we set out to do.

Remembering you brings back a sadness,
Yet a smile to light our face,
As you were so wonderfully kind and gentle
And so very full of Grace.

We talk often of your personality,
How you could make us laugh with glee.
Or, maybe you would tell of the times
When you were young and free ...

As a little bird, there in the hills of Tennessee,
When you were so sweet and mild ...
Living with grandparents, as you lost your mom
When you were a child.

You learned to be a good mother at a young age,
And you adored each one;
From the first of each loving daughter
And every wonderful son.

We remember the joy of visiting you, Mama,
The dinners you would cook;
The best cooking ever. We should have
written your recipes and made a book.

The grandchildren miss you, too.
We all await to see you in Heaven, there,
Along with Papa and other loved ones gone,
as we talk to them, too, in Prayer.

I know you are happy there Mama,
I can almost see the sparkle in your eye.
Just wait o'er the way for us and one grand day
we'll meet you by-and-by.

I am writing for you son and me,
The one you knew I'd always adore.
He misses you so much, Mama,
I'll always try to make him happy and more ...

As we wait to see you and Papa, again,
There, in Heavens realm,
With Jesus as Master of the ship we'll be coming on.
For, you see, He's at the helm.

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