He Talks To Me

Copyright by Carolyn Walsh
Posted here with author's permission.
I asked my love to talk to me
after he was gone.

Now he speaks to me when the dawn breaks,
to tell me to have a beautiful day.

He speaks to me on the rainy mornings
to tell me that I must bring the sunshine to others.

When the wind is blowing, he is tousling my
hair and kissing my cheeks.

He sends the little birds to sing happy songs
that he used to sing to me.

Sometimes when I hear a song that we used to share
he taps me on the shoulder and says, “May I have this dance.”

He lets me wear his jacket so that
I can smell just the slightest bit of him.

Often he sends a memory that makes
me smile or laugh out loud.

As I walk along the garden path
he tells me the flowers are from him.

He reminds me of the friends we made
and somehow one of them will call.

He sits with me in church
and there we share the holiness of God.

In the evening as I watch the sun go down
he says, “I hope you had a happy day”.

When the night sky is filled with stars
he tells me that his star is guiding me.

When I go to bed at night
he whispers “My arms will always be around you”.
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