Copyright by Carolyn Walsh
Posted here with author's permission.
The Rose Bush
Once upon a time there was a vibrant rose bush.
It flowered with two beautiful blooms.
One larger than the other.
These roses grew to love each other greatly,
the bigger one always taking care of the smaller.
He would shield her from the storm and rain.
He would shade her from the heat.
She would lean on him and he on her.
They would dance in the sunshine…
for they danced every day.
They would dance in the moon’s glow…
for they danced every night.
There was music every where.
Every love song was their song.
Their petals would touch in the gentle wind.
And that sent shivers through their souls.
They laughed at rainbows…and butterflies.
All creatures that saw them were in awe.
They were so beautiful that it took ones breath away.
All marveled that the two could be so happy blowing in the wind.
Always smiling at each other no matter what the season.
Then one day the bigger rose became sick..
Maybe it was aphids, I don’t know.
Everything was done for him…God knows she tried.
But his petals just began falling to the ground.
Her petals fell too, for they were the saddest of tears.
They thought they would be forever together.
But they were wrong.
One day he just wasn’t there any more…
And she was all alone.
When God saw her crying He gently said,
“I’m not through with you, my dear! You will blossom once again”.

Now there is a fragile little bud and it needs a lot of care.
But if you look very closely you will see that the little bud
is trying to bloom again for him.
Rainbow Faith, words of Inspiration, Faith & Hope for the bereaved.
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