Copyright by Carolyn Walsh
Posted here with author's permission.
The Rock
  On a beautiful June day as I was walking down my path, a big rock fell right in
front of me. I couldn’t go around it, but I had to get to the other side. I sat down,
filled with despair and fear.

   I could see other people walking along their paths. Some paths were covered
with rose petals. The folks walking there were laughing, singing and dancing…
they couldn’t see that just around the bend a big rock was going to block their

  Some paths were covered with small stones and pebbles. The people walking
there would sometimes stumble and fall. Their journey was hard but they were
struggling along. I could also see rocks much bigger than mine on other folk’s
paths. Some rocks were so big the top of them got lost in the clouds.

   Once in awhile someone would wave and smile at me, but mostly everyone
was busy walking their own path. To my amazement I saw that everyone was
climbing, and I was just sitting there….

  Then, I felt a gentle hand in mine. The hand was strong as it gripped mine. A
voice said, “Come along with me. I will help you get to the other side. All things
are possible with me.”

   I got up and began to walk with Him. Sometimes I would slide backward and
He would lift me up. When I stopped or grew weary, He always waited for me.
When I needed to rest, He would sit with me and tell me wonderful stories about
the other side of the rock. He told me about the person that was waiting for me!
He told me about the plans he had for me. I have never had such an awesome

   I haven’t gotten to the other side of my rock yet, but it has gotten easier with
Him at my side.

                    "With God, all things are possible" ~ Matthew 19:26
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