Copyright by Carolyn Walsh
Posted here with author's permission.
What Is Grief?
I think the grief of losing my love is a trauma to my
soul. Trauma to my body could not hurt more.
It hurts, it aches, it makes me cry and my heart feels heavy.
Sometimes it’s hard to get my breath.

Grief is deep loneliness. It is the broken dreams of not growing
old together and the overwhelming feeling of facing each day
without your love.

Grief does not go away…it demands to be dealt with.
It is a test of my faith. Each relationship is different
and unique. I believe the stronger and longer the relationship the
deeper the grief. Our marriage was a love story. John was my
happiness and now I am forced to find my path without him.
I am franticly looking for that path. Grief is the price you pay
for having loved.

The bond of marriage is like no other relationship.
If you are lucky a marriage just gets stronger as the years go by.
And I have been very lucky.

Grief is also the remembrances of yesterdays. Those memories are
treasures, but you yearn for more. Each precious memory breaks your
heart. Memories are bittersweet. I have a heart full of beautiful memories
but will make no more with my darling.

Grief is a personal assault on your psyche. Grief makes you feel weak and
vulnerable and unsure of yourself. You get lost in the grocery story; forget
where you are going; can’t remember names and cry in church.

Grief is ugly.

I feel a void of nothingness, but I know the Lord is my shepherd and will
walk with me through this valley of death.

Family and friends are blessings God gave me to get
through this time. The road to recovery is the gentle words,
gestures and hugs that well-wishers extend each time they
see me. It is the friend that cries with me that makes me know
I am loved. Friends bring a feeling of serenity and calmness that
makes me feel maybe, just maybe, I will live again.

And the Great Comforter is always with me.
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