Be My Pilot On A Restless Sea
Take my hand, oh Lord, I pray.
Lead me through another day.
For I am all alone and in despair.
It seems for life, I do not care.

If there's a chore I have not done,
Point the way, Oh Loving One.
Set my life on track again,
And let me be what I've never been.

You are the Pilot of my life.
Cast off the lines of worldly strife.
For I am sad and so forlorned,
And in my grief, my sails are torn.

Help me mend my aching heart.
For, only You can help me start ...
Start a life I never knew,
And one I never wanted to.

The one I love is in heaven, I know.
For here on earth, she loved You so.
I love you, too. So, can't you take me -
So we can share our love, we three?

Now if this cannot be,
For you have yet need of me
Here on earth, please let me see
The task that's mine to do for Thee.

My faith is strong, but my flesh is weak.
I pray, Oh Lord, 'tis only You I seek.
Set my ship of life on an even course,
So in the end, I will have no remorse.

Now with You there to pilot me,
My life, that's left will surely be,
One in faithful serenity,
For You, and Una and I in homily.
Copyright by Leslie M. Willson, Sr.
Posted here with author's permission.
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