I came into this world with nothing.
So, nothing did I owe ~
Except for life that God had given,
So, into this life I had to grow.

When I was young,
With little sense,
I found that what I owed in life
Would be compensated by recompense.

When I matured to adulthood ~
There were debts that I had acquired,
But only for materialistic things.
So for this, to God, recompense was not required.

Now that my life is fading fast,
And for all my sins, I now must pay,
To my Lord and Creator,
Recompense will be required this day.

The hourglass is running low.
Each grain of sand, a day I spent.
Some were diamonds in the rough
And some were those I must repent.

Each grain fell through the neck of the hourglass
And came to rest in it's place.
But, all lie in the bottom of the hourglass ~
As my days, now, all rest in its base.

"I pray, Oh Lord, You will forgive.
And, forgiveness is all I seek.
So take my hand, Oh Lord, I pray,
Before Your Throne I lay humble and so meek."

Our Lord looked down and said, "My boy,
Your time has come. You're coming home.
I gave you life but now it's over ~
So no more on earth, you need not roam.

Your trials are over. Your tasks are done.
A place is prepared, beside your lovely one.
So don't look back. That's not for you.
For as I promised, 'everlasting life' is really true.

And, truth will set you free,
For my Son gave recompense ~
For you to be with Me."
Copyright by Leslie M. Willson, Sr.
Posted here with author's permission.
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